Our logistics centre sees to it that the goods ordered by our clients are in the right place at the right time. We provide our clients with high-quality and cost-effective material supply as well as transport services that are smooth and on time.


In the right place
at the right time

In addition to punctual deliveries, our logistics centre provides return and recycling logistics services, textile and waste forwarding, courier services and external and internal mail services. In the area of Puijo Hospital, there is also a scheduled motorised courier service to meet the client’s need for deliveries between buildings.

Internal goods transport delivers, e.g. warehouse and direct delivery supplies, pharmacy supplies, equipment maintenance supplies and hospital equipment. The courier service handles deliveries within an agreed area and a separately ordered express delivery service in the main buildings of Puijo Hospital. The mail service is responsible for collecting, delivering, sorting and franking incoming and outgoing mail as well as collecting and taking mail from/to the mail centre.

Centralised patient transport serves all the departments of Puijo Hospital. We transport patients safely and promptly, in accordance with our mission.