support services

We provide healthcare support services in the hospitals of the Hospital District of Northern Savo and the City of Kuopio as well as in other institutions. We also serve home nursing and rehabilitation clients in their own homes. A cheerful attitude and good-humoured service bring joy to patients, residents and nursing staff alike.

Our most important task is to free the client to concentrate on their own core duty, i.e. caring for the patients. We provide services in the intensive setting of an acute hospital as well as long-stay hospitals and the home-like environments of service centres, too. Our services help to promote the wellbeing and comfort of the patients.

We provide services for:

  • hospitals
  • health and service centres
  • sheltered housing and assisted living
  • home nursing and rehabilitation clients

Quality and patient safety are the guiding principles of our operations in healthcare settings. Our service increases the comfort of the ward and facilitates the care process. Conveying homeliness and safety is particularly important in long-stay hospitals and care institutions.