Growth and development
support services

We help the City of Kuopio by providing high-quality growth and development support services for its citizens. Every day, we see to it that small children and school pupils get tasty food and that the rooms reserved for play and learning are kept clean.

In future, municipalities will increasingly focus on their core task, i.e. promoting the vitality of the municipality and managing the urban environment. They are also responsible for matters relating to citizens’ wellbeing, growth and learning. It is our task to support the City in its work.

Providing catering services for schools and day care centres and the proper cleaning of premises are our responsibility. We also help with taking care of bedding, cleaning toys and dressing children in day care centres. This gives the day care centre staff more time for the children. In schools, the City’s offices and leisure centres, we perform the cleaning and facility management services included in the rent as well as, e.g. moving furniture, installing small fixtures and putting up pictures, postal duties and other site-specific utility services.

Our service sites are:

  • day care centres
  • primary and secondary schools
  • offices and leisure centres, e.g. sports and cultural centres

Our services increase comfort and help the client perform their basic task at each site. The facilities and equipment work, and good-humoured service is appreciated by the users.


“A smile is infectious.” Good-humoured service and our cheerful attitude bring joy to small children, pupils, teachers and other staff alike.