Facility support services

On behalf of our clients, we take care of the condition and practical safety of their facilities. At our owners’ facilities, we also run popular lunch restaurants, to which everyone is welcome. We provide care and wellbeing for property owners and users alike.


Prompt service at facilities
is a matter of honour to us

A well-maintained facility has a longer lifespan and keeps everyone happy. The facility and cleaning services performed for the property owner are included in the rent paid by the user. Paying attention to energy efficiency helps in controlling whole-life costs and preserving the value of the property.

Our facility managers and maintenance engineers keep a close eye on the facilities under their care. We report on defects to the property owner and make suggestions for improvements.

Regular cleaning and facility management based on preventive maintenance plans keep facilities in good working order. This ensures that activities can be conducted as normal in the buildings and rooms and that people are safe. By providing on-call maintenance and repair services, we prevent further problems from arising and avert property damage and bodily injuries.


We provide care and wellbeing for the facility, its owner and users. A delicious lunch break spent at our restaurant allows employees to relax and recharge.


Familiar delicacies
and the best tastes
from around the world

Our lunch restaurants are located at our owners’ facilities and increase the wellbeing of the facility users. Our restaurants are open to everyone: both those working at the facilities and those with business there are welcome to come. We serve good and healthy food with plenty of variety and choices every day.

Our service sites are:

  • schools, day care centres, cultural and sports centres, offices
  • hospitals, health and service centres
  • production facilities, business premises
  • lunch restaurants