We offer our clients the option of consolidating support services with one and the same supplier. We put together service packages that meet the client’s needs. Our service range covers catering, cleaning and facility services as well as warehouse, equipment maintenance and material transport services.

We provide
a comprehensive set of
support services

Our multiservice personnel are closely involved with day-to-day life at the client’s site. By consolidating the services needed by the client at the site, time is used more efficiently and our employee can be present exactly when our service is required. The client’s needs determine what we do. Our multiservice personnel are ready to tackle different kinds of tasks during the working day and we deal with even the most challenging of situations with years of experience.

Our multiservice is based on comprehensive know-how. We train our personnel so that the individual needs of each site can be flexibly accommodated.

An advantage of the multiservice is that collaboration and invoicing can be agreed upon with one and the same service provider. We develop our operations with the client in mind; client satisfaction is central and our goal is partnership.