Catering services

Every day, we provide healthy and energising food for our clients. Thousands of meals are produced on weekdays at numerous locations in the Kuopio region. Every plateful is designed to meet the client’s wishes and the nutritional requirements of the age group being served.

We provide food at day care centres, schools, hospitals, service centres and sheltered housing facilities and at lunch restaurants on our clients’ premises. We also deliver meals to the City of Kuopio’s home care clients, and we provide conference and contract catering. Servica’s Breast Milk Centre, which operates in conjunction with Kuopio University Hospital (KUH), supplies breast milk and milk mixtures to babies in hospital care.


Being involved in
the eating experiences of
our clients of all ages
is close to our heart

The reliability of our service rests on our skilled staff and long experience in providing catering services. In addition to preparation of basic daily meals, our expertise includes special diets. At our disposal, we have the solid experience and professional skill of nutritionists – even the most demanding special diets are catered for safely and in accordance with our clients’ needs.

We play our part in promoting the wellbeing of children, young people, working-age people and the elderly in Kuopio as well as healthy eating habits where Servica operates. On national holidays, we treat our clients to more festive meals, taking into account both local food culture and new taste experiences.