Cleaning services

Our cleaning service takes care of the cleanliness of premises, providing utility services that support the client’s core operations. We are sanitation experts in both hospital and primary and social care settings. We see to the cleanliness of office, lobby and other work areas. We are also responsible for the tidiness and cleanliness of the premises owned by the City of Kuopio, such as schools, day care centres, offices and office buildings, public swimming pools, sports halls and museums.

Through a friendly service
we contribute to
a more pleasant
for the clients

As cleaning professionals, we create a pleasant, hygienic, tidy and safe work environment. Our qualified staff have knowledge of different surface materials and how to take care of them. Good results are achieved by making use of modern technology and cleaning agents of the highest quality.

We are part of our client’s daily life. Our utility services make life easier for our clients, enabling their employees to concentrate on their own work. We see to it that the tasks supporting core activities – such as catering, bedding, textile and laundry services – get done smoothly every day.